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Product Review Light & Motion Sola 600 Photo

By Lani Timbrell Underwater Photographer!

I recently purchased a Sola 600 to take on our diving trip to Manado and Lembeh in North Sulawesi after hearing so many other people rave about it. And here is my rave for 2 different reasons.

Night diving

I have never been a great fan of night diving. I normally use my focus light from my strobe as a torch but the red filter cuts the

Porcelain Crab, Manado taken by Lani Timbrell

 amount of light dramatically, which is what I dislike  the most about night diving.  But convinced by everyone else at our resort that night diving in Lembeh is fantastic I decided to give it a go, armed with my regular strobe for photos as well as my new Sola 600. And what a difference. The best aspect is the options of 3 levels of lighting in 2 modes, white and red. Naturally the red is best for taking photos but to my delight also bright enough to span a beautiful wide beam compared to my usual focus light, making me feel much more comfortable and relaxed.

Taking photos was also so much easier too. And I also used it to help out a few other photographers with focussing on small strange critters such as flamboyant cuttlefish. So anyone who has a dislike to their night diving torch, and in particular photographers, make the investment on this trusty piece of equipment. You’ll love it.

The eternal gumby diver

Another instance where I loved having the Sola 600 was when I had incorrectly put my camera into its housing for a dive, rendering my flash lever to not be able to activate my flash and  my strobe. Frustrated at this  within the first few minutes of the dive, I chose to think laterally and instead Shrimp, Manado by Lani Timbrelluse the focus light of my strobe plus the brightest white light on the Sola to stil shoot sime images.

While not given the intensity of light compared to a strobe only option, it did suffice as that I was still able to take some shots of the strange critters at Lembeh, especially as there is no guarantee of ever seeing them again. It also meant that I was able to enjoy the dive instead of sitting frustrated on the boat, or trying to open the housing and adjust the cameras something I don’t like to do on the boat or when I am flustered.  So the Sola 600 has proved itself as a multi function tool for me.

Here are a couple of images attached to show you that it was still ample to get some decent shots. Not my best work but still not too shabby in the circumstances.Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Manado taken by Lani Timbrell

For more information on the Light & Motion Sola 600 Photo Light click here.


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