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Product Review Scubapro Mako Knife

By Lee Johnson Managing Director

Ok so this is a stretch. When they said “why don’t you road test a couple of dive knives I thought… Mako Dive KnifeHUH?  I mean what can there possibly be to road test? I was wrong… There’s heaps.

The worst part about dive knives is the fact that they rust. So as part of this road test, I put the Scubapro “Mako” knife to the test. To do this I took 2 dive knives on 50 dives over 4 months. I didn’t wash either of them (not the way you really should treat a knife by any means without using silicon spray on the blade and washing it in fresh water after every dive.) I took a Mako Stainless Steel knife and I took an IST Stainless Steel knife.

Before I go into the results I will tell you a little bit about the Mako.

The Mako knife comes with a sheath and straps to be leg mounted. It has a great shape which includes a serrated edge and sharp edge on one side, a sharp edge on the other side with an angled flat blade at the end which comes to a point making this the most versatile knife in the shop. It even has a handy little bottle opener on the handle which fits in perfectly with the Perth Scuba theme of having a drink or two after a dive… to be social of course. The flat edge also makes the Mako a great Abalone knife. Hey you have to have something to eat with those drinks right?

The handle has a great shape to it and it just fits perfectly in your hand.

The Stainless Steel used in the Mako is 304 Stainless so the idea is that it doesn’t rust and on that, Scubapro have even gone one better… they even make this knife in Titanium!

Ultra light and non rusting with a blade that doesn’t lose its edge. It’s a hard one to pass up I know – but we’re road testing the Stainless Steel version… for now.

Ok, so now you have a bit of an idea of the knife… lets look at the results. I took my IST knife which by all counts is a great knife (I sell them so they have to be J), from the sheath for the first time in 120 days. It resembled something more like I’ve found on the wrecks in Truk Lagoon to be honest. The surface rust was pretty much over the whole knife. Powdery rust… which to be fair came off quite easily, but the rust that went beyond that was quite surprising. The blade after being cleaned up wasn’t too bad – by clean up I mean rubbing it with steel wool and lots of TLC. The Mako – That was a different story all together.

The Mako had not only held up to the lack of love but it still had the same shiny glean it had when I first put it on my leg. The edge was the same, the blade was like new and there wan no real signs of the lack of attention it had had over the last 4 months. The Mako won this test hands down and with a price point of only $79 it comes gift boxed it makes for a fantastic gift… even if it’s for yourself

The Titanium version sells for $129 and really looks and feels the part… and as they say “for the diver who has everything… buy Titanium”.

Next week we are road testing the Scubapro Fuego Torch and put it up against the UK SL4 & the SL6 and any other torch in it’s price range and give you the facts.

This Product Review was written by Lee Johnson, Manager – Perth Scuba. Call Perth Scuba on 9455 4448 or email us at [email protected] to purchase a Scubapro Mako Knife.








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