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Product Review Scubapro Seawing Nova Fin

By Lee Johnson Managing Director

A different look with a powerful result…

When Scubapro showed us this new fin back a year ago, it was still in the testing phase. Some of us got to dive with them in Vanuatu – unfortunately I missed out on the opportunity back then. We all Lee using his Seawing Nova's in Christmas Islandthought it looked pretty cool though.

The arrival of the Sea Wing Nova this month brought a new look fin to the shop floor and has certainly become a talking point for our customers. Last weekend we headed out to the Grain Terminal for the club dive. I took along my pair of “demo” fins to put them through their paces. The first thing you notice with these fins is how light they are. They would have to be half of the weight of my normal fins which is a great start since I travel a lot (Who’s complaining?) Putting the fins on was nice and easy as the Sea Wings come with a bungy heel strap which makes life very easy. (comfortable too!).

The dive… Wow! I can honestly say, that this is by far THE most powerful fin I have ever used. Feeling like you have nothing on your feet, but travelling at such a pace is strange. I usually dive with Mares Quattro Avanti fins – which by all counts are great fins, but the Sea Wings have so much power from so little effort, it makes you wonder why this technology hasn’t been around for years. The kicking technique is only marginally different to a normal blade fin, smaller kicks give better results. Changing direction is a little different to normal and I was concerned about that at first however, by the end of the dive I had worked out that changing direction was as simple as dipping the shoulder of the direction you wanted to go and kick at the same time. It feels really strange to be able to get this kind of response from a fin! I am still really surprised at the power these fins have.

The best thing about the Sea Wing Novas is the fact that less effort, means less breathing… You don’t work hard with these fins so you save air!

The surface swim… We all have to do it… some of us more than others (geographically challenged ones especially). On the surface as a snorkelling fin… great! Roll over on your back and paddle, and things may be a little different. I found that if you kick too hard, the fins skate a little (pull out to the sides away from you) although kick slower and they power along.

The price… A pair of the Sea Wing Nova fins will cost you $299. The fins are made in South Africa (Now we know why Nat likes them) and have a LIFETIME Guarantee!

My final verdict:

These fins are worth every cent. They provide power without resistance, they are awesome for anyone who has knee or ankle problems, shin splints or just gets really tired quickly. They are comfortable and soooo light! If you would like to try out a pair of these fantastic new fins, call into the shop and take a pair out. Be warned though… you WILL end up wanting a pair so the trial may cost you a few hundred dollars. The Sea Wing Novas…Proving once again… deep down, with Scubapro… You HAVE the best.





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