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Product Review Seadoo Seascooters

written by Lee Johnson – Official Perth Scuba Tester

Lee Johnson Perth Scuba Seadoo Seascooter Product Review

Every now and then something new comes to Perth Scuba and as the staff will tell you, its’ never good to have all these new toys coming in because as divers we all live by the rule “he who dies with the most toys wins”. Last week was no exception with the arrival of the new Seadoo Underwater Scooters. The range is very comprehensive with everything from cute little green kids ones designed to go to 5 metres right up to big kid sizes that go to 50 metres and go 7 km/h for 90 minutes.

Naturally when the scooters arrived last week I had to have a go of one just to make sure they were ok… of course!

We headed down to the HMAS Swan with an R2 scooter and a crew from Perth Scuba. The R2 scooter is one off the top of the range. This scooter has a 75 minute run time and a max speed of 6km/ph. There are a few different brands of scooters on the market and for the really serious guys that want to scoot to Rotto for kicks, the Halcyon scooters are the best, but not everyone can fit $8,000 in to their budget right?

After hopping in to the water and clipping the scooter safety straps on, I sussed out the speed settings and away we went. The R2 has a set of green LED lights on the “dash” which shows you how much battery life you have remaining. There are 2 speed control triggers, one a constant running one and the other a speed / power variation trigger. Then there is a lock so you can stay at whichever speed setting you choose without having to hold the triggers at all. Working out the settings took all of about 2 minutes and it was time to head off. One of the cool things about the R2 is that it is neutrally buoyant. It uses water as ballast to make it that way. There are 4 small steel pins which make it slightly negative and the water does the rest. It’s great knowing that if you have to let go for any reason at all (and it isn’t attached), it will stay with you.

Cruising to the bottom is as easy as tilting the nose downward. Going left or right is as easy as dropping the handle down on the side of the direction you want to go. All of your movements are controlled by tilting the scooter. The first speed setting is a casual pace – sort of if you were diving and not in a hurry. The second setting is a good pace. Fast enough to get you to where you want to go quicker than if you were kicking hard (even with Sea Wing Novas) and the fastest speed is very good when going against a current or if you want to beat everyone to the crayfish… Not that there were any of those on the Swan of course. Sidemount & Scooters on the HMAS SwanThe big advantage of a scooter in a wreck – is that you aren’t kicking your legs so there is no silt. You can cover a lot of ground and of course because you aren’t working hard, you save air. The big puffer fish didn’t share my enthusiasm though as I zoomed by them after chasing them around the bow of the wreck. The scooter can easily keep up with the fish as a 3 foot Samson Fish found out once I spotted him. The only down side of having a scooter when your buddies don’t… They want to play too. I handed mine over 20 minutes into the dive and didn’t see it until the end of the dive. (Although I did hear it zipping around the place for the duration of the dive – If only they made scooter immobilizers).

Now that we have the Scooters we will be offering DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) courses and naturally we will have them for hire too.

The course is 2 very cool and very fun dives with a Scooter and is a PADI Certification course with text book and certificate and card. It can also be used towards the Perth Scuba Master Scuba Diver Challenge. The course is $249 or $199 if you have your own scooter (You can purchase one before or during your course to save the $50). Our next course is heading out on Thursday 21st February, call 9455 4448 to book your place!

The Seadoo scooter range starts at $219. Here are the specs for the range:

RS 1 $1495 9.5kg w/ battery 90 mins 7km/hr 3 7 hours
RS 2 $1149 8.6kg w/ battery 75 mins 6km/hr 3 4 hours
RS 3 $899 8.6kg w/ battery 60 mins 5km/hr 2 3 hours
Explorer X $999 14.5kg w/ battery 120 mins 5.5km/hr 3 12-14 hours
VS Supercharged Plus $699 8.2kg w/ battery 90 mins 4.8km/hr 2 6-8 hours
GTI $569 8.2kg w/ battery 120 mins 4km/hr 1 6-8 hours
Pro $419 6kg w/ battery 60 mins 3.2km/hr 1 4-6 hours
Aquaranger $359 5.2kg w/ battery 60 mins 4km/hr 1 14-16 hours
Dolphin $289 5.4kg w/ battery 90 mins 3.2km/hr 1 14-16 hours
Aquanaut $219 3.3kg w/ battery 60 mins 1.6km/hr 1 10-12 hours

Want to get your hands on your very own? Contact us or head into the store for the full range.

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