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Lay-by Terms and Conditions

Lay-by Terms and conditions are as follows:

• Payment and acceptance of your deposit is an acceptance of the terms and conditions of our Lay-by policy by both parties.

• A minimum transaction of $20.

• A minimum deposit of 10% of the total of the lay-by is required to activate your Lay by.

• No more than 3 Lay-bys for any one individual will be allowed at any one time.

• Regular fortnightly payments MUST be made unless prior agreement is made and documented.

• Your lay-by is to be collected by the due date 6 weeks from initial deposit unless a prior arrangement is made.

• Additional time for Lay-by payments can be granted on request. This must be done either in person or in writing as soon as the request is being sought.

• No handling fees will be charged on store lay-bys *exception to cancellations

• If you cancel your lay-by, all monies paid except a 10% re stocking fee will be refundable in the form of store credit. If you do not make payments when they are due or the lay-by is uncollected, we will cancel the lay-by and retain the 10% restocking fee from monies paid.

• Refunds for lay-by deposit or payments made will be refunded as store credit

• Individual items may not be separated from a lay-by parcel until final payment is received.

• Individual items cannot be cancelled in a Lay-by. If you wish to remove any items from the original purchase, this must be done upon completion of the Layby. Perth Scuba retains the right to a 10% re stocking fee on any item(s) credited in this instance. Adding items to a Lay-By will be done as a separate Lay-By.

• Personal information collected from your transaction will be used for the purpose of processing your lay-by only. No information will be shared with any other party.

• It is the customers’ responsibility to advise us of any change of telephone or mailing details, as this is our way of communicating with you.  Please contact Perth Scuba as soon as there are any changes. Failure to supply such details may result in the cancellation of your lay-by.

• Upon collection of your lay-by, please check that all items documented on your receipt are in your order BEFORE leaving the store.

• If you require any further information in regards to your lay by, please contact the store manager on 9455 4448 or contact us.

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