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Project AWARE Shark Conservation Course

Written by Marc van der Poel

Last week Marc van der Poel qualified and we are proud to say that we are one of only three stores Australia wide that can teach the new Project Aware Shark conservation distinctive specialty.First class of Shark AWARE Conservation Specialists

With what is currently happening in Perth, it is imperative that we put the current state of affairs in perspective and learn more about our Ocean Apex predator. We are keen on fighting for healthy oceans and are in favour of keeping them balanced by protecting sharks so we are aiming to raise the bar when it comes to shark conservation awareness.

A group of keen divers and conservation enthusiasts jumped on the opportunity to complete the course claiming The 1st divers to be qualified in this distinctive specialty in Australia.

On the course are (R to L) Joseph, Nat, Lee, Carol, Josh & Marc (Instr.) and Joey behind the camera.

This is Carol’s second shark specialty; she also has a Thresher Shark Distinctive Specialty!

All raved about the course, and said they learnt a lot!

The course is substantial and well put together, covering topics such as:Reef shark on Great Barrier Reef by Johanna Pool

  • What sets a shark apart.
  • What is the conservation status of sharks
  • What makes them vulnerable, what is threatening them and why
  • Their importance to an ecosystem
  • Their value to our economies
  • What sharks do we have in our local waters and their conservation status
  • Misconceptions about sharks

To celebrate sharks and prepare you for the Big Shark Shout Out taking place in October, Perth Scuba is offering the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty Course at a special rate. We are extending this offer right through the month of November for only the cost of $150 and the registration fee gets donated in its entirety to Project Aware. Next Course runs on Thursday 17th November from 6pm.

You will receive all the learning materials, and both dives can be done where we often spot our Port Jackson juveniles in Rockingham. Naturally we can’t guarantee a sighting, but you can still achieve the rating with or without a shark sighting.

The great thing about this course is that you do not need to be a certified diver to complete the course. It is for everyone, certified divers or not. Non-divers still receive a certificate and you can participate from the age of 12. The whole family can participate! By the way it also counts towards acquiring your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating!

Contact us to find out more about the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Distinctive Specialty Course!

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