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Queenslanders think they’re better than West Australian’s

Banana Bender thinks he’s better than Sandgroper’s – he may be right!

Wednesday 14 August 2019

Perth Scuba club dive
Marcus joins us for the club night dive – super star!

It only takes one person to turn up and we have a buddy pair, and mega respect to Marcus US tourist, on his way around the world, landed at 9am that morning, went straight to the shop and got gear, and turned up at 7pm worried he’d missed the dive. What a legend! 

So with a near full moon through broken clouds, flat calm water and no current we dropped into 5m visibility on an incoming tide. Went out over the seagrass, and seeing it wasn’t Weedy seadragon type of grass, dropped down over the edge, saw a stump and on top of it a Blue ring Octopus which kindly posed for a couple of pix.​

Reaching the jetty following a 12m depth contour it became ‘Seahorse’ at every turn. Up, down, and over there – +20 in all.​For someone that had not seen a seahorse before, this was the Motorhead  ‘Ace of Spades’ of seahorse encounters for our guest. For everyone that was scared of getting wet because of the rain – your loss, clearly you’re not as tough as Queenslanders.​

Marti Crossley  – PADI Instructor

Editor’s Note: So it looks like the West Australian’s need to prove they’re tougher than the Queenslanders. Make sure you join us this Wednesday evening for our free night dive. Meet us at BHP Jetty, Naval Base at 7pm with our Banana Bending Instructor Martin there to be proven wrong! Check our app or Facebook events for directions to the dive site.

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