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Rescue Diver Course – Day 1

Jan ’11

with Gary Brennand – Course Director

Matt & Holly on the Rescue Diver Course

With four students booked onto the rescue course it was the perfect number of students, and then chuck in another 3 DMT’s to help out and be victims and I just knew it was going to be a good weekend.

The course started off with the students arriving at 8am to go through the theory side of the course and to be shown how to use an Oxygen kit, after which I drew a map of how to get to the dive site on the board (most gave up trying to decipher my artistry and just used their phones GPS instead) , we picked up lunch on the way and arrived at the dive site all ready to go, only to find out some (yes you know who you are) had made a delayed stopover at their lunch stop. Once everyone had arrived we went through a number of items on the beach before hoping in the water. The course started off with some basic skills before moving on to the more technical side of removing your dive gear while giving mouth to mouth to someone.

Our first effort started poorly with our gear handler dropping a mask and a number of the group using their navigation skills to go and search for it. After a short search the mask was located and the course continued only to find that we now had to go find….. wait for it……. A full kitted BCD………it belonged to one of our DMT’s who had put in extra weights in case a student needed some and took it off to help with a skill, unfortunately he didn’t inflate it enough to compensate the extra weights and it sunk to the bottom, so off we went for another search (we were getting good at it by this time). This all just added to the fun and honed some valuable search pattern techniques. Graeme Green (our diving Fireman) provided some great examples of leadership giving advice on some good carrying and rescue techniques, thanks Graeme. We ended the day with the students not knowing what was ahead of them on day two…

Stay tuned for Marc van der Poel’s comments from Day 2 next week!

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