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Rescue Diver Course – Day 2

with Marc van der Poel

Perth Scuba PADI Rescue Diver Course with Marc van der PoelSunday morning Matt, Andrew and Diego, turned up  with high expectations of what was to come, however we were missing someone. Had the Saturday been too much for Holly? No, all was well she had only missed the alarm clock and turned up fashionably timed.

After a review of the previous day exercises, we got some practice surfacing an unconscious diver. Things were getting pretty serious now, and all four really got stuck in to the job at hand. With so many DMT’s the rescue course can really pick up pace, and I am really grateful for their assistance, input and fantastic ability to act injured and enjoy the ride of being dragged up the beach.

With all the exercises out of the way, we started the scenario’s and Brad was keen to be the victim so while he went off to ‘hide’, we sat down and set the scene.

This is where you put all that you have learnt, into practice  in a continuous exercise from finding a missing diver, surfacing them, getting them to shore whilst providingPerth Scuba PADI Rescue Diver Course rescue breaths, removing equipment, placing them in the beach re-commencing rescue breaths and possibly CPR, maintaining crowd control and seeking medical assistance. Not bad Hey? In the first scenario, Matt was in fine form, taking charge, delegating roles and out for the search, followed by Diego. They quickly found and surfaced Brad, established positive buoyancy and called for help. As Matt and Diego started work on Brad, Andrew was close, assisting with equipment. The shore line is approaching this is where you need to do some real hard yakka. Through good communication and joint effort they got Brad above the water line and commenced CPR. It was a really good effort.

They all needed a breather after this, these exercises are fun and intended to be life-like to give students a realistic experience as possible.

The fun part of rescue courses is that unlike some other of the PADI programs the participants or DM’s always bring something to the party. What I mean is they might be doctors, nurses or have a family member with a particular condition which when they add their experiences we all learn something new. On this course we had a fireman, a surf life saver, a Canadian who has spent months on a remote  Australian cattle station, so as you can imagine there was loads of colour.Diego on the Perth Scuba PADI Rescue Diver Course

Once again I had lots of fun, whilst refreshing my own skills, because the only way to keep these skills honed is by practice!

I would like to congratulate Holly, Matt, Diego and Andrew on your efforts in passing the Rescue course! Secondly a huge thank you to Michael, Brad and Graeme for your support and input, you were not only a great help to me but add to the fun and learning of the students.

We will be running a rescue refresher soon. So all you who have done your rescue course, when was the last time you gave those skills a work-out?

Look out for the rescue refresher, which is aimed at all who have done the course but have not had recent practice.

If you are interested in the rescue course and would like to know more, drop in for a chat.

Wish you all safe diving!


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