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Product Review of the Scubapro Equator 2014 Model

Perth Scuba Rottnest Island Diving by Johanna Pool 12Dec2013-7784If I had to sum up the New Equator BCD from Scubapro in one word, that word would be “effortless”.  This Latest Travel BC combines everything you love about a Standard jacket BC such as a number of Accessories in which you can attach familiar diving equipment e.g torches and catchbags. Occy pouch holders and that whole wrap-around comfort and durability that gives you the peace of mind that gear such as this will last a lifetime.

It’s unique; cutting edge style allows any such diver a sensitive control over maintaining good Buoyancy while still being such a light, easy to store BCD in which you can take to your favorite overseas diving holiday destinations. However don’t let the title “travel BCD” fool you though. This is a device that is so far above others that you can use in all your diving adventures.

Can’t wait to see you in the water, happy diving everyone.

– Jack Ingelbrecht, Author, PADI Dive Master, Legend.

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