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Robb Jetty lovely and warm 22 degrees in the water

Everyone arrived at Perth Scuba on Sunday morning for the free club dive. After a couple of little delays we got the sausages under way. With the low South Easterly winds I decided to take the group to Robbs Jetty Coogee, an old cattle jetty that was decommissioned in the 60’s.
A few people had parked in another car park so Ahmed took them out while I took the rest. While diving we came across plenty of starfish, various sponges, baby bald chin grouper, wrasse and a pretty cool looking batfish. After kicking around the old pylons and having a look in what is left of the chimney we made our way back to shore.
The viz wasn’t the best but we still had about 8 meters and the water temp was a nice 22 degrees.
Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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