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Rockingham Wreck Trail Night Dive

Oct ’13
7:00 pm

Perth Scuba UF13 Competition-Chandy-de-Wit-3Join the Perth Scuba Crew for a FREE Wednesday Night Dive at the Rockingham Wreck Trail led by our Perth Scuba Instructor Luan Hagen! Never been on a night dive? Don’t worry Luan will be on hand to guide you.

The site has a number of wrecks, two sunken planes, and lots of other stuff that was purpose sunk to give us something to look at on our dives. Most of the wrecks are joined by ropes making it super easy to find them…. As long as you find the first wreck!

The wrecks have a stack of marine life including bulleyes, boxfish, wrasses and heaps of seahorses hanging off the ropes between the wrecks. The wrecks are covered in invertebrates (aka squishy colourful stuff) and heaps of different nudibranchs can be spotted too.

It’s a great spot to find weird critters that only come out at night PLUS there’s a stack of big Tiger Prawns that have been spotted on the slopes… Good opportunity to get a feed if you want to give chase :D

Need gear? Head into the shop to pick up your gear before 6pm.

Need a buddy? Don’t worry, we’ll find you one on the night.

Meet the crew in the car park at Rockingham Beach opposite Flinders Lane (near the dolphin statues and giant spinning ball of granite), at 7pm. Don’t forget your torch!!!

Image taken by Chandy de Wit – Perth Scuba UF13 Fringe Competition Runnerup

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