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Rocky at the Wreck

written by Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master – Adam Booth

On Sunday 28th September, 7 club members (3 New members which we welcome) met me at the Shop for the mornings club dive.

After filling up on snags and leaving enough for Joe to get a feed and be happy for the day we headed off to the dive site of the day, Perth’s most famous site the Rockingham Wreck Trail.

Upon arriving at the trail we were met with plenty of other divers who had the same idea as us and fairly rocky conditions. After gearing up and having the group photo we headed into the water.

It was a nice 20 degrees however the cross current, waves and the breeze didn’t make it easy out to the buoy but that wasn’t going to stop us.

Heading out the vis didn’t look to bad so it looked promising.

Once reaching the buoy we dropped down and that’s when this famous site produced what it is known for- BAD VIS.

Vis at the bottom was only about 1m and that was if we didn’t move, as soon as we did it was almost impossible to see.

For the group that was with me we did end up finding one of the boat wrecks which had quite a bit of fish life on it and in it. After a bit more of a swim around in the low vis we did our safety stop and came to the surface, for the other group that continued on to the deep wreck and a look around they were lucky enough to come across a baby man eating Port Jackson shark.

After a good dive that shows once again a lot of promise when the weather fines up we had a few laughs and then headed home.

All in all a good days diving at one of Perth’s great sites no mater how bad the vis is there is always something to see at the Rockingham Wreck Trail.

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