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Rottnest Island Night Dive

Wednesday 9/3/16 was the weekly Perth Scuba night dive but with a difference……this week is was at Rottnest! The dive had been planned for a few weeks prior but sadly got canned a couple of times due to the sea breeze. Finally however we had a break in the weather and conditions were looking perfect.

We met at Molfetta Quay in Fremantle at 6pm ready to meet our boat….Blue Destiny. Once all the paperwork was filled out and everyone was ready Dom led a briefing and then we all boarded and loaded the boat. Once on board you could sense the excitement in anticipation of the dive. It took around 45mins to get out to the island and once there we all geared up ready to see what was on offer.



The dive site was Roe reef, a beautiful reef system with plenty of caves, swim-throughs, overhangs and hiding spots for the abundance of marine life that calls Rottnest home. It was pretty much a full boat so you can imagine we had a lot of guys to get organised and get in the water. Once in the water we made a descent down the shot line and were immediately greeted with great visibility.

We almost instantly dropped into a large hole with a huge wide open swim-through there was a lot of divers at this point having only just descended which made it a little crowded to start but once clear of the main group myself and my two buddies swam off in search of more openings in the reef. There was crayfish everywhere all out in the open actively looking for food. We also saw Squid, Cuttlefish, and a good selection of common reef fish hiding away under ledges. We  were also lucky enough to see a 1m long catshark right under where the boat was anchored.

Once back on board it was clear everyone had had an awesome dive. The trip back to Freo was full of dive stories and the odd sleeping diver! It really was a great trip and one we should definitely do again. There is talk already of maybe doing another one in a months time or so…… watch this space, definitely not a trip to miss out on.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew


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