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Rottnest Island night dive on Blue Destiny

Rottnest Island night dive on Blue Destiny

Wednesday 1 March 2017

perth-scuba-manta-club-night-dive-01mar2017We could not have picked a better night to head out to ol’ rotto island. It was a warm and balmy night with a lightning show in the far distance. We arrived at Jacksons rocks and proceeded to kit up after our lovely 5 star cruise out on our boat Blue Destiny. The water was beautiful and became illuminated by torchlight as the divers entered the water one at a time. Once we were all in we descended into a wide deep trench and followed it until we arrived at a T junction. With only torchlight to decide, some divers chose to go left and some chose to go right. Either way was a fantastic dive. The crayfish really come alive at night and are seen walking around in abundance. We shone our torches into limestone caves and swim throughs before entering. We had lots of fish come to see what that bright light was and they seem far more curious than they were scared. By the end of the dive we were surrounded by thousands of tiny fish attracted to our torches in a swarm that engulfed the whole group during our safety stop. Once we were out of the water we had a lovely bbq dinner and then headed back to Freo

PADI Instructor Leighton Baker

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