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Safe swell experience

written by Simon Kong – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master

Seabreeze showed good weather, so we decided to give point peron a try today (Sunday 1st June 2014). After our nice morning barbeque where we had sausages, eggs and pancakes,  we headed out to point peron. Wind was low, but there were a bit of waves/swell. The right side was not as good, so we decided that the left side would be the way to go. After a dive briefing asking everyone to be carefull of the swell and rocks, we all decided to get wet (or dry for drysuit divers)

The maximum depth of 5m and the swell made the dive quite interesting and different. One second, fining at full speed, we were staying at the same spot, the next second we were traveling a few meters ahead. Not enough to be dangerous, but enough to keep the dive interesting. We say a few swim through around the rocks and among our 10 manta club divers, we found a total of 5 golf balls and a half buried laptop.

Perth Scuba Manta Club Dive Point Peron

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