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Save our Marine Life – Increase our Sanctuaries!

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Blue Army Update

We are now into our campaign to show the government reason to increase the amount of ocean areas earmarked for marine reserve “sanctuaries” in WA and Australia.Join the Big Blue Army to Save our Marine Sanctuaries

With the Big Blue Army now heading towards 40,000 supporters, the message is strong to the Government that the people care and are the ones who are now raising their hands and being counted.

On May the 5th the Government delivered some bitter sweet announcements which leaves us in a much better position than previous, on marine reserves, but still leaves us plenty of work to gain more ground. With still nearly 3 months to go – we believe we can make the difference and peg back more of the areas committed to commercial sectors or being left of the protection register.

Here is a very brief outline of the points from the announcement:

  • The iconic hotspots we know and love on the West Coast – the Abrolhos Islands, Rottnest Shelf, Perth Canyon and Geographe Bay – remain completely unprotected. 
  • All of these areas have substantial marine parks where commercial fishing has been somewhat restricted – but no marine sanctuaries. 
  • As expected the Government has done a better job in the deep waters off the South West Corner. Here they are proposing what the Government claims will be the world’s third largest marine sanctuary.

(This is something we can be proud of and to give us hope that we can raise the bar in other near shore areas that have been left unprotected).

 This will protect deep ocean environments like the Diamantina Fracture Zone and parts of the Naturaliste Plateau, with a couple of sanctuaries nearer to shore off from Margaret River and the South Coast.

  • Further East, there are new sanctuaries at the Abrohlos and further into South although these areas are yet to be advised.
  •  The oil and gas industry has unfortunately had a big win.  The Margaret River oil lease (Mentelle Basin) and Perth Canyon are still open for business, leaving important marine life habitat and our beautiful beaches at risk of oil spills.

Tim Nicol of the Conservation Council of WA who is doing a fantastic job leading and supporting the Marine Conservation Group “The Big Blue Army” said, “I spoke to the (environmental) Minister after the briefing and I am positive that if we get the message to him that a mosaic of sanctuaries are required in these unprotected West Coast marine parks – then we will be able to get a better result.  This is a sensible and balanced way forward, just look at the success of Ningaloo Marine Park for conservation, tourism and fishing with one third of the park in sanctuaries – and compare with these unprotected parks.”

If you would like to join the Big Blue Army and support this campaign – we only have 3 months to make changes which will last well into the next decades. You can do so by clicking here… Every supporter makes a difference.

If you would like more information on the proposals and see for yourself the Marine Bioregional Plan – Click here to download your own copy of the brochure  (It is a safe download)

We need your help to protect what we all love so much. You can help by supporting us and telling people who are less likely to understand what we see every day. That our oceans and reefs are suffering an immense amount of pressure from both recreational and commercial activities and we need to give them a chance to re populate and re grow. Perth Scuba are expecting our stickers and information flyers to arrive in store next week. Please call by the store and grab your car bumper sticker and show that you care.

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