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Scuba diving weather just around the corner

written by Andy Goddard – Perth Scuba Master Instructor

Hi all!Perth Scuba PADI Instructor

As the season and the weather is starting to pick up thought I’d drop a line on my latest Open Water Course.

So where do I start? At the beginning I suppose! So in them all come Friday morning, not realising the perils ahead of them!! Only joking of course! But it always amazes me people’s expectations of the course that lies in front of them….

The Open Water course I would consider to be one of the hardest courses especially here in Perth. The temperature of the water and the amount of weight the students have to carry is a major obstacle to some.

So on this Open Water course I had 7 seven young ladies and one fella …a good mix a!! The course starts as usual with the Friday pool session…that went according to plan…well in a fashion, but the days was enjoyable and everyone enjoyed themselves…

To my amazement, they all turned up keen and eager for their first Open Water dives. We hit Rockingham around 9pm and after a very windy and chilly first dive spirits were high!! The second dive of the day was a little bit of a tester as the current was getting up for the students but all pulled through and all looked forward to the day on the boat .

We used PDA’s boat for the Sunday and was very pleased to see a large turnout from Perth Scuba on the boat…The conditions were great for the days diving , blue skies , air temperature of 27 degrees and water temperature of 18 !!

The first dive site was Salmon Bay Wall …situated on the southern side of the island a great little dive for the students .The first thing we saw as we hit 18 meters was a Port Jackson Shark …great start to the dive!! After ironing out a few buoyancy skills the dive ended 30 minutes with the students all ALIVE!! Ha-ha ! The smiles on their faces told the story ….and welcome to diving guys!

The last dive of the day was ‘The Colander ‘, a series of small bombies with swim throughs and caves, again another awesome sight!

So after arriving back at Perth Scuba the best part of the course began ….the beer drinking!! I had to drink 2 cartons!! And a big thanks you to Liz Williams for having a go with me!! The drinking carry on ‘til late and was a fitting end to a great course and a great bunch of students……so if you are reading this guys …I’ll see you all very soon for your Advanced Course.

Take care


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