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Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Clean Up Day

Sea Shepherd Marine Debris Clean Up Day

Perth Scuba Manta Club Clean Up DayFor this Sunday’s club dive on 5 February 2017 we did a dive with a difference. The sea shepherds marine debris team was hosting a beach and dive clean up of Ammo jetty. Ammo is a wonderful site always host to an array of interesting little critters but unfortunately suffers a lot from fishing debris. Being our adopted dive site for project aware we were more than happy to dedicate our Sunday mornings to giving it a much needed clean up!
About 40-50 divers attended the event in total helping remove litter from the ocean floor and untangle fishing lines from the jetty pylons. It was astounding to see so much rubbish being brought to the surface. 15 divers came from Perth scuba to get involved in the clean up efforts – and I would love to thank for all for coming and for your great work this morning. We managed to remove a great deal of plastic from the ocean today, and still encountered some friendly octopus, cuttlefish and moray eels!
Fishing line removed from the water
Fantastic to see so many people both on the land and in the water giving back to the environment and ensuring our future generations can love scuba diving just as much as we do!

PADI Instructor Rachel Brooks

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