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Seahorse tossed to and fro at South Mole

Seahorse tossed to and fro at South Mole

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Having arrived at the site just after 6pm, it became very apparent that despite the previous 30hrs of moderate north easterlies that the unexpected direction of swell from the North West made the likelihood of safe entry and exit at North Mole too uncertain so a quick change of venue was posted on the websites. 

After redirecting arrivals until 7pm, I headed heading over to the South Mole to meet up with our 6 adventurers for the night. On entry, the visibility wasn’t crash hot but improved with depth and distance from the sea wall and it wasn’t long before we were into some reasonable 2 to 3m viz, and 4 to 5 m depth.

The South Mole area was more sheltered and although relatively shallow is a continuous limestone bed with some fantastic sponges, variety of algae and I was surprised at the number of small (tennis ball sized) brain corals I kept encountering. The highlights were a vivid red 12cm prawn, a number of yellow nudibranch and a tiny (3cm) Shorthead Seahorse clinging onto a bladder seaweed and being tossed to-and-fro in the gentle swell.

Not a site I’d go rushing back to, but better informed for having done it. And any night spent in the company of like minded folks is a great night.  

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor   

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