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Seahorse whisperer celebrates 100 dives at BHP Jetty

Seahorse whisperer celebrates 100 dives at BHP Jetty

Sunday 28 July 2019

Perth Scuba Manta Club divers on Sunday morning
Manta Club divers at BHP Jetty on Sunday morning

It was The Sea Horse Whisperer Andy’s 100th Dive, so it was fitting that the conditions were near perfect (except for the seasonal bloody cold) with flat calm waters and visibility that took the diving at the old BHP Bulk Jetty to another level of local diving.

As you progress out from shore you start to see that the jetty is built on a ridge which by half way along the 250m disused structure, sits three metres proud of the featureless flat muddy seafloor in which it is situated.

The pylons are covered in luxurious colourful growth though it wasn’t until the second half of the jetty that we started to encounter fish other than Gobbleguts and Toadies, but then they came. Brownspotted Wrasse, a Talma nestled in the sponges of a pylon, a large Peacock Sole hugging the downward slope, four Seahorses – one taking a fancy to our 100th Dive-boy, paired and lone cuttlefish, Ringed Toadfish, Smooth and Shaw’s Boxfish, passing overhead were Scad and Hardyheads.

I reluctantly turned at the end of the jetty and headed back, and for one moment was confronted with a view that reminded me so much of Navy Pier at Exmouth. This isn’t a dive site that many regard too highly, but this day it was gob smacking.

Whispering to BHP Jetty’s seahorses

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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