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Securing our new sanctuaries – important update

Australia has now boldly declared it will create the largest network of marine sanctuaries in the world, and for that we must extend a huge thanks to you and the whole Big Blue Army.

The Government has told us that this could not have happened without the pressure and profile generated through your support and actions.

Take a moment to feel great about what we achieved together:

  • Some of the most important areas for southern right and blue whales, and unique species of fish will be protected in Australia’s South West.
  • Vast areas will also be free from deadly gillnetting and highly destructive sea floor trawling, bringing benefits for tourism, fishing, science and maintaining our great coastal lifestyle.
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  • Marine sanctuaries in the Kimberley will help protect the birth of new baby whales along the pristine Buccaneer Archipelago – one of three hotspots for humpback whale calving in Australia’s North West.
  • The stunning Coral Sea will be included in the world’s largest marine park, half of which will be protected as a national park in the sea, providing a globally significant refuge for our ocean giants such as marlin, barracuda and sharks, loggerhead turtles and blue whales.
  • The number of marine reserves around Australian will increase from 27 to 60, with an area of ocean the size of NSW now protected in marine sanctuaries.

What’s next?

This announcement is a huge moment for us all, but it is not yet written in stone.

This historic decision needs to be passed into law and to do that the Government must ask the Australian public one last time if this is indeed the right decision.

We need to be ready to shout a resounding ‘yes’.

So stay tuned and thanks for all your support.

For our marine life,

David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

PS – Thanks to all those that contacted the Liberal Party’s Julie Bishop last week, encouraging her to stand firm on her pro-marine parks position.

PPS – If you haven’t yet supported the campaign to stop the international super trawler coming to fish Australian waters, please sign the petition.

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