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Rental Gear & Air Fills

Day Hire – all equipment must be returned within 24 hours or additional charges apply. A credit card, drivers license and dive certification card is required for all deposits for hire gear.

Day Hire

  • Regulator (including dive computer & octopus) $25
  • BCD $20
  • Cylinder 12litre steel (including air fill) $20
  • Cylinder (including Nitrox fill) $30
  • Wetsuit (5mm) $20
  • Weight Belt (including 18lbs/8kgs) $20
  • Fins & Boots $15
  • Mask & Snorkel $15
  • Scuba Kit (including regulator, BCD, cylinder) $60
  • Full Equipment (including regulator, BCD, cylinder, gauges, wetsuit, weight belt, fins, boots, mask, snorkel) $80

Camera Hire

  • Nikon D300 dSLR in Sea&Sea underwater housing $120/day
  • Nikon D800 dSLR in Nauticam underwater housing $220/day
  • Nikon 360 underwater action camera $50/day
  • Inon Z240 Strobe including optic fibre cable $50/day
  • Sea&Sea YS-110a Strobe including optic fibre cable $50/day
  • Light&Motion Sola 600 Photo Light including white & red light $50/day
  • Light&Motion Sola 800 Video Light $50/day

Tec Hire

  • Sidemount BCD $25/day
  • Sidemount Regulator Kit $40/day
  • Tec Twin Wing BCD $25/day
  • Tec Twin Regulator Kit $40/day
  • rEvo Closed Circuit Rebreather $250/day

Closed Circuit Rebreather hire does not include oxygen or sofnalime (sorb). Oxygen and sorb will be paid in addition to day rate on a per litre/kg basis.

Air Fills

  • Air fills $7 each
  • Air fill card $70 for 14 fills (Pay for 10, get 4 free!)
  • Nitrox fills $12 each
  • Nitrox fill card $120 for 14 fills (Pay for 10, get 4 free!)
  • Oxygen & Trimix fills also available
  • Oxygen $0.08 / litre (require oxygen clean cylinder)
  • Helium $0.11 / litre

Underwater Camera & Video Equipment comes standard with required chargers, battery, o-ring grease in a hard case for travel. The hirer will require their own memory cards (please ensure you have the correct type). The above rates do not include the hire of strobes or lights, these can be hired separately on request. Due to limited availability please request hire availability by calling 9455 4448.

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