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Shark Attack on Seal Decoy Deterred by Shark Shield

Here’s the research behind Shark Shield that the device will stop a shark in full attack mode.

In 2012 Australian scientist’s form the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) independently tested Shark Shield off the coast of South Africa, a dynamic test using towed seal decoys, a test that closely resembles a shark attacking a moving surfboard.

They conducted 189 tows of the seal decoy. With the Shark Shield turned OFF, there were 16 breaches and 27 surface interactions. With the Shark Shield turned ON, there were no breaches and only two at-surface interactions.

In the static testing of South Australia, the scientists found that with the Shark Shield positioned a few meters from the bait, it took the sharks twice as long to take the bait with the Shark Shield turned on.

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