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Shipwreck Photography in 3-D

Sep ’11
2:00 pm

Shipwreck Photography in 3-D

Patrick Baker, Photographic and Video Services,
Department of Marine Archaeology, WA Maritime Museum

September 10, 2011 at 2:00pm

Presentation Theatre, Perth Scuba, Unit 4, 180 Bannister Road Canning Vale

Patrick Baker, WA Maritime MuseumWith the growth of scuba diving after World War II, pioneer underwater photographers thought the underwater world was an ideal medium to be recorded and shared in 3-D.  Taking their inspiration from aerial map-makers, underwater archaeologists began to record their shipwreck sites in 3-D.

When Patrick Baker began his career over 40 years ago, stereoscopic photography seemed to him an obvious way of shipwreck recording.  His 3-D photographs continue to allow the viewer to experience a virtual revisit of wreck sites long after these sites were exposed to excavation and study.  The viewer can, today and into the future, “see” what the archaeological diver saw “yesterday”.

Patrick Baker will shares with us the underwater Batavia, HMS Pandora, HMAS Sydney, and other shipwrecks, all in fabulous 3-D.

This is an Underwater Festival 2011 special presentation by the WA Underwater Photographic Society and Perth Scuba.

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