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Shore dives return to 21 degrees at Robb Jetty

We all arrived at Perth Scuba bright and early on Sunday 1 November at 8:30am. While the sausages were cooking we got everyone ready for the dive. Due to the low SE winds I decided to take everyone to Robb Jetty, Coogee. An old cattle jetty that had been dismantled but with loads of submerged pylons left for us to explore.


breakfast we made our way down. Some parked in the front car park, others in the back. We met up on the beach for a dive brief then got in the water. The more experienced guys lead the way by descending first while I took a group that had made a return from their Open Water course.
The water was finally a nice 21 degrees, about 10m viz and a max depth of 7m. While we weaved in and out of the fallen and upright pylons we spotted plenty of boxfish, bullseye, nudis, starfish, wrasse, crested morwong, large sweetlips, baby baldchin gropers, every sponge you can think of and lots and lots of empty beer bottles. After about 45 minutes of looking around we all made our way back in nice and slow just incase we missed anything.
Once out of the water everyone was checked off and free to head back to the shop for an air fill. Ready to dive another day.
Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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