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Smiles all around at Blackwall Reach club dive

Today’s club dive story about how is the scuba diver affect in his community, not just by protecting marine life and clean up but some time with drawing a smile on some one face, makes every one even those who are not diving appreciate the role of the scuba diver. Story start’s when we went to black wall reach riverside with 15 divers, every one start to gear up with a smile on face, ready for the dive and after we did final checks (BWRAF-big whales really are fast) split in 2 groups some of them was with me and the some other was with our DM in training Harriet.


We descended at buoy 527 the vis at the river wasn’t perfect but its known to be worse, current was mild near the bank so we managed to make it to Wrecks (Vehicle Dump ,Barge) , marine life was sparse, plenty of jellyfish, closer to the wall itself there was schools of Bream, Stripeys, Toadfish and others.

We finished the dive and all surfaced together and found a really sad guy on the shore hopeless after his kids drop his car key in the river. One of us volunteered to get back again and search for it however that was a kind of impossible with bad vis & silty. He went down again and spent 15 min trying to find the guy keys and Finlay he came up with the keys! I wished I had a camera to capture the guys happiness, he was about to cry after he lost hope of going back home with his family by his car he kept on saying to the diver please tell what I can do for you after you saved me. The lovely diver said nothing I get what I need from your smile. And that’s a small story about how a scuba diver has an affect on his community and bringing out smiles.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Ahmed el Maghraby

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