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Snapper, wrasse and trevally visit Rockingham

Everyone arrived at the shop at 8:30am for bacon and eggs on Sunday 10 April 2016. We didn’t have many dive site options so the majority vote was Rockingham wreck trail.


Once we arrived at the site everyone set up then got into the water. After choosing the best descent point we split into buddy pairs then went exploring. We managed to see most of the site, two planes, tyre stack, chicken coop and the first large boat. We did manage to miss the deep wreck though. The tyre stack had the most life: gobble guts, boxfish, wrase, snapper and old wives. The planes had a few snapper and wrasse and the boat had much the same plus a school of small sampson fish and trevally.
The viz was only around 5m and the water temperature was 21 degrees. It was still a good dive considering the thunder storms the night before.
Written by Perth Scuba Instructor Dane Fielder

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