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Socialising before Jerrat Drive night dive

Socialising before Jerrat Drive night dive

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Martin and club divers at Jerrat Drive

The longer daylight is making predive kitting up a social event and even time for some other wildlife watching in the shape of a white egret hunting in the shallows beneath Jerrat Drive this evening. Outside the Sea Scouts hut we did a giant stride from the jetty and with the objective of finding both wrecks we set of with instructions penned on the back of my hand. 

Viz was a lousy max 3m top and bottom, and with a side current we found ourselves surfacing to regroup and assess. Snorkeling over to the 35degree point from the jetty and now ~80m out we dropped down to 10m depth. We were about to keep heading out when a Boxfish caught my eye behind me and knowing that they hang around structures, turned about and in one kick was straight into the WW2 Landing craft wreck! Being metal, its all still there and a great wreck  to explore.

Cowfish by Martin Crossley
Cowfish by Martin Crossley

I kept getting three young Samsonfish repeatedly smashing into my light with a thump. Lots of Boxfish were hanging around and a Longnose flathead, but the real surprise was a nearly metre long giant of a Pink Snapper with bump on its head (so must’ve been an oldy) springing out of the wreck up in front of me making a rapid exit. Needless to say, no chance of a photo.  After 30 mins we headed of on the guestimated heading for the wreck known as the Chinese Junk and coming across white pipe markers followed them to the wreck in a few minues.The junk was just that, i.e. lots of junk, and although some struts and the engine block are still evident, the shape of a boat is long gone.

Seahorse by Martin Crossley

We did however find a seahorse, then a big pair further round, then a single one, then further round a very pregnant male.​ As 50 mins was up we signaled a return and came back in together, amazingly having kept together through some testing conditions, surfacing just to the left hand side of the hut and an easy exit point.Not the most aesthetically amazing dive but very satisfying in terms of result in finding the wrecks and some fantastic creatures. ​

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor


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