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South Cottesloe Reef

South Cottesloe Reef Club Dive

Wednesday 10 April 2019

South Cottesloe reef again? Yep, I love going here, its a mini  Rottnest, its a constant surprise around every corner and all too soon the weather’s going to put us in the river, so even a slight surge like tonight’s is not going to deter the hard core divers that made tonight’s club dive a  pleasure to host. Commiserations to the poor fella that forgot his mask…I felt for ya mate, we’ve all been there. I still forgot a towel for tonight myself,…we’re all fallible. Sorry that our club spares kit doesn’t stretch to all eventualities.No big fauna tonight but an amazing number of large crays, some stingarees, a cascading ball of striped catfish, Old Wifes, Moonlighters, Pygmy leatherjacket, numerous big Redlip Morwongs all over the shop, nudibranch, painted shrimp, octopus, some beautiful gullys, ledges, bomb holes, overhangs and seagrass banks (alas no Weedy Seadragons) that took us well over the hour and were reluctant to leave. No currents despite outgoing tide and lower then usual just 7.5m depth seawardside and with a respectable 6 to 8 m. viz  I must do this site in daylight sometime.
Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

PADI Instructor Martin Crossley

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