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Squeezed in at The Coombe

So this weeks weekly night dive (10/02/16) was at the Coombe, the reason I chose the river was because earlier in the week the wind was predicted to be strong SW with some swell. Like normal the prediction was wrong and there was barely any wind on the night so we could have gone in the ocean!!


We had 14 divers which left the car park pretty short on space but we all squeezed in where we could and geared up on the grass. After I did the briefing we all made our way into the water. We had a good mixture of experienced and not so experienced divers. I had two guys with me new to night diving and I was looking forward to showing them what the coombe had to offer.

We descended in around 5m of water and made our way along the bank, after 20m or so we slowly started descending down the slope to a max depth of 15m we saw plenty of the usual river fish including Cobbler, Gobbleguts, Stripey and Leatherjackets. we then turned around and hovered along the 13m mark looking for one of the wrecks. We soon came across the wreck and had a good look round where we found a good number of seahorses and a really cool black and orange nudi. From here we ascended slightly up the bank following the rope to the shallower wreck in around 10m. Here we saw an assortment of crabs, prawns and more of the previously seen fish.

We ended our dive meandering in the shallows, I always enjoy my dives at the coombe offering a good range of marine life, wrecks and some good depth by Perth shore dive standards.

Perth Scuba PADI Instructor Aaron Goodhew

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