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Squid, Globe, Box, Prickly and Pygmy at BHP Jetty

The night dive on Wednesday the 6/5/15 was BHP Jetty in Kwinana, we were fortunate enough to have calm flat water and very little wind. The turn out was awesome for this time of year as the water and air temperature slowly starts to drop, we had 11 divers including myself.

We all assembled our gear in the car park and I did the briefing. 9 out of the 10 divers hadn’t dived the jetty before so it was definitely going to be a new experience for the majority and for Mark it was to be his first night dive.


We entered the water and after sorting out a couple of minor gear problems we headed out to the descent point. Once on the bottom the 6 guys in my group and myself headed off along the north side of the jetty. The visibility was pretty good actually at about 5m. It was pretty easy to see from pylon to pylon.

To start the dive off we saw several squid in a group, following this we saw Globe fish, Boxfish, Cowfish, Leatherjackets (prickly and pygmy), some really big Octopus, Stingrays and heaps of different nudibranchs.

We didn’t quite make it to the end of the jetty and on our return we made our way down the south side, so as not to cover the same ground. We then constantly bumped into more groups of squid, and plenty of seahorses.

Then towards the end of our dive I noticed I had 4 divers instead of 6! After asking the guys I realised 2 of the guys were both missing a buddy each. We did a quick search and covered our torches but could see no other lights. So we made an accent. In the end all was well and it turned out the other two guys were up near the beach. I must just reinforce how important it is to make sure you stay in your buddy pairs. I know it can be hard at times when in a big group and with some guys having similar looking gear. However as part of your buddy check make a really good mental note of what your buddy looks like and any key features you can use to identify them under water in the dark (fins, markings on their tank, logos on their wetsuit and even what their mask looks like). Even though we had a little bit of confusion at the end we all had a thoroughly good dive.

Next week we will be diving in the river at Jerrat drive near the scout Hall, see you all there

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