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Sue’s Groin or North Coogee Wall

What’s in a dive site name?

Perth Scuba Manta Club dive at Sue's Groin

It was Sunday morning 18 June 2017 once again and the Perth Scuba Times had a convincing article about the morning’s dive site Sue’s Groin (or North Coogee Wall like most of us know it as). With a turn out of 15 we had plenty of sausages and buns to go around. After everyone was clear on the dive site location we made our way down.

At the dive site the conditions looked great once again and after a quick snap I gave my brief and away we went. While underwater we followed the rock wall around the bend and that’s when things started to pick up. With a couple of new nudi’s, schools of gobble guts, crested morwong, toad fish, massive leather jackets and, then towards the end, one of the biggest jellyfish we had ever seen. A nice bright blueish with brown specs, it was that big it even had small fish hanging out inside it.  

After 30 mins we hit our turnaround point and made our way back up the wall. The viz was good but it did have some weed around that brought the viz down when stirred up. When not stirred up we had around 10m. It was a bit cold, down to 17 degrees but most people didn’t mind and still got away with a 5mm. 


PADI Instructor Dane Fielder

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