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Sunday Club Dive at Ammo Jetty

Feb ’11
8:30 am

with Lee & Joey

Pelican sits atop an Ammo Jetty pilon on Perth Scuba Club DiveSunday morning was ALMOST perfect! The weather was clear and sunny,  the Bacon & Eggs were sizzling on the Store BBQ and there was a bunch of really keen divers ready to go! The wind had made us choose a dive site a little more protected so we had to go to the less adventurous dive site – Ammo Jetty. I haven’t dived there for quite a while and I recall the last time I was at a club dive when we went – it was about 10 degrees and raining hard on one of our club night dives… oh the joys of Winter! Still this time was different. 27 divers all headed out to see what they could find. The beach was already full of people as we came over the sand dunes to the jetty. They looked like they had been there quite a while already… why wouldn’t you? Beaching it all day sounded like a great idea to me. We came across the Perth Scuba Rescue Diver course which when we got there was in full swing. Stressed and drowning divers were yelling out for help and newbie rescue divers racing out to save their lives with some pretty quick actions. The group looked really confident and it’s great to see that these guys are the ones normally on the club dives too – It kinda makes you feel a bit safer really.

We descend to find visibility around 3 metres. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much more than that as there had been some pretty blowy conditions of late and it usually getsLee leads the Perth Scuba Club Dive messed up there pretty quick.

As usual, my buddies are Joey and the Praying Mantis. We head down along to the jetty pylons to see what we can find. Apart from other divers to start with – there isn’t that much. But I get a really cool zap from one of our guys’ shark shields. That was nice… I feel like I’ve been hit with a defribulator from the rescue course.… my fillings are even tingling! Oh well he didn’t mean to do it and after all – it is only a safety thing right? We swim further along and come across Sea Chicken! yep you got it …a whole bunch of chicken pieces. I always thought that chicken pieces came from farms… nope – dead set – they grow in the ocean. There are heaps of them – Wing portions, legs, all sitting on the bottom. (I guess they can’t swim really can they?) Some bits are being eaten by crabs, some by blowfish and there are even some that nobody wants…they must be the ones that Colonel John West Rejected. You know the Shinook version of the Sea Chicken – You know… the… Anyway – it’s kept me amused for a minute or two. I figure that sooner or later I’ll find an Octopus who might like Sea Chicken so I pick up a piece and swim with it. By now the Xray machine has started and the Praying Mantis was doing its’ job. Joey is a happy camper shooting everything – including some really cool Nudibranchs (They are really fat down here today) … (It’s all of the hormones in those Sea Chicken Pieces you know), baby crabs, Box Fish and other cool critters. Soon I find an Octopus…I offer him my gift… He changes colour and takes off. – Ok so he must have just eaten… I decide to Octopus at Ammunition Jetty on Perth Scuba Club Divekeep it to give to the next Occy I find, which doesn’t take long… He too changes colour and leaves! I have to be careful cos if the Praying Mantis Lady sees me scaring off her potential master pieces, I might end up like the Sea Chicken… *make note – must remove Joey’s dive knife from her BCD before scaring critters in future. “Surely there must be a hungry Occy somewhere under here”  NOPE! Either this Sea Chicken is really bad or they just aren’t interested. I am sure as hell not about to take off my mask to have a sniff to see if it is off either… So I do what every caring Project AWARE Diver would do with a Sea Chicken piece that no one wants… I hang it on a jetty pylon for the crabs… surely THEY will eat it. I take off to find my buddy who is easy to find with all of the flashing strobes going. On the way I find a T’shirt which makes me giggle. It says on the front – “Will buy Alcohol For Sex” Someone would have been devastated to lose this shirt  – surely this was the owners last futile attempt to get lucky – so bad an attempt that it will soon end up as Crab poo on the ocean floor – that’s if the crabs don’t go for my Sea Chicken of course. Could have been worse I guess, He could have got lucky and still ended up with the crabs!!! Hehe Oh dear… I’ve gone off the story… Anyway there are some really amazing things you can find under the jetty. Hooks and sinkers are common, A New Mountain Bike, (someone’s mum is gonna be p!$$#d)!! , bottles… the choice of drink while fishing is clearly Jacks and Cola with a ratio of about 8 : 1 to any other drink bottle down there… (see who says I’m not smart enough to do Marine Research?), Soon I come across another cool thing… a Dora Hat!! Yep this is what I’m talking about! It even fits! So I decide to go and show Joey my new acquisition. She isn’t impressed really – which is disappointing… Maybe I should have offered her a piece of Sea Chicken… *The Knife Lee – Remember the Knife!* …  It is just then that I see a massive White Flash and feel like someone has hit me on the head with a hammer! Is this the end? Is it the Praying Mantis striking at it’s pray? – Me… No! It’s my friend with the Shark Shield again! Cool! I’m safe… At least I won’t get eaten by a shark now …I might die from electrocution though… At least the Crabs and Occys won’t eat me – they have Sea Chicken Pieces to eat. Hmmm decisions decisions… take the risk of another zap to grab the cord and make an electronic version of a Sea Popsicle or just swim away… Ok that’s a bit extreme – hehe but my fillings are still tingling!!

Ok, so back down to the dive… We are nearly at the end of the jetty now. There is a heap of debris. Some really cool stuff and lots more Jacks and Cola bottles. Ooooo a fisherman’s line is right in front of me… how tempting is Geoff and Dora hat on Perth Scuba Club Dive at Ammunition Jettythis? I could grab a piece of Sea Chicken and hook it on and give it a yank. Hehe imagine his face when he pulls that one up!!! He’s bound to drop his bottle of Jacks and Coke! Funny. I could always give him my Dora Hat…

I think I might leave the hat here now and go find my buddy… It must surely be time to head back to shore. The trip back with Joey and the Praying Mantis always takes ages cos we have to stop and photograph everything we see on the way back just in case we can get a better shot than the 30,000 taken before on this dive. Yep I was right… there’s that Nudibranch we saw earlier, and the box fish, and the occy… oooo there’s my Chicken piece on the Pylon… hehe still no crabs on it… I might show Joey… She looks at me like I’m an alien and shakes her head at me… some people have no sense of adventure… I want a photo to put in my blog! Oh well… time to call it quits now I guess so I signal to Joey to the surface. She agrees and pulls in the strobes on the Praying Mantis

We head up to one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen… There is Geoff standing there in full Scuba gear wearing MY Dora Hat! Joey DID get a photo of that!!!  What a great dive! It shows that even the most basic of dive sites and less than perfect visibility can still be fun! Now where is the closest Dentist, I have this weird tingling feeling in my fillings!!!

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