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Sunday morning at Robb’s Jetty

Jan ’11
8:30 am

with Lee & Joey

Perth Scuba Club Dive Robbs Jetty by Johanna PoolLee and I once again headed to the shop to take the club dive – this was our second Sunday in a row of getting up early – I’m pretty sure this is a new record!! And of course as we’d be taking the dive, we got to pick what was for breakfast and this morning it was bacon & egg rolls – yummy!

We arrived early to get a our gear from out the back, very kindly washed by “squid” on Saturday – thanks Kai! I dragged up the BBQ and then was offered by one of our DMT’s Matt that he was going to be cooking the BBQ – what a man!!! So whilst Matt got the BBQ going, I went hunting for a map of the dive site we were heading to… Robb’s Jetty.Perth Scuba Club Dive Robbs Jetty by Johanna Pool

We picked this dive site as the conditions were going to be a bit blowy, with a pretty average swell and this was a reasonably protected dive site. Plus Gary and his Underwater Photography students were there the day before and had seen plenty of cool stuff – so we thought we’d give it a go too.

Whilst we ate our bacon and egg brekkie, Lee gave us the site briefing, including what to watch out for (Gary saw a blue ring octopus on Saturday!), the 150m walk up the dune and down the beach (where can I get me a sherpa!) and making sure you don’t leave any valuables in your car (there’s some unsavoury sorts down there!). Lee even managed to keep the briefing fairly short  (after his really LONG briefing on the last night dive) while we munched away. We had over 30 people there to go diving – lucky I got so many eggs!!!

Perth Scuba Club Dive Robbs Jetty by Johanna PoolAfter we were stuffed silly full of food we piled in the cars and headed to the dive site. Everyone was given a map and told to park in the carpark with the BBQ’s and toilets – it’s a little further from the dive site but it’s an easier walk.

Everyone was buddied up before heading into the water, set a max dive time of 60 minutes, and once we got our bearing we dropped down onto the dive site… Well we would of IF Lee and I had got our bearing RIGHT! My navigator (LEE) who can guide me through ZERO visibility in the river and find every single wreck and seahorse there is to find at night – couldn’t even get me to the 250m long jetty pilons that you can see from the waters edge… Yes, I know how to use my compass, yes – I can navigate, but I’m squarely placing the blame with my buddy because he volunteered to navigate. You know that type of volunteering where your partner says “you’re navigating”… Okay, so we didn’t immediately find Robb’s Jetty but we did find lots of cool things on the way, including a baby Port Jackson shark, a pipefish I’ve never seen before, a Cardinal fish with eggs in it’s mouth and lots of other cool stuff on the sand.

After a couple of trips to the surface to regain our bearings – and maybe just a little bit of abuse ;) – Lee and I foundPerth Scuba Club Dive Robbs Jetty by Johanna Pool Robbs Jetty 48 minutes into the dive. Remembering that we’d set a max. dive time of 60 minutes – umm maybe not – we stayed there until Lee told me to come up at 95 minutes – OOPS!

Well, I was having fun, and found lots of cool things, and it was a shallow dive, and Lee was my navigator and… Okay I really have no valid excuse… But I’ll still blame Lee hehehe. We humped it back onto the beach and were met by another of our DMT’s “Fireman Graeme”, who had come down to check we were okay – awww thanks Graeme :) Plus thanks Matt, Karl and Andy for helping out on the dive and leading some of the crew to some cool spots.

Once again, it was a good day to get in the water. The viz could’ve been better (and had been the day before) but I was stoked at all the weird and wonderful creatures we’d found and I’d got a photo of. If you’d like to join us on next Sunday’s dive just meet at the shop at 8:30am for your cooked brekkie and then we’ll head off to the best spot of the day.

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