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Sunday Morning Club Dive – Ammunition Jetty

Jun ’12
9:00 am
written by Greg Thomms – Perth Scuba Dive MasterPerth Scuba Sunday Club Dive by Greg Thomms

Great little dive at Ammo Jetty yesterday, there were 13 Perth Scuba Manta Club divers in attendance… Great fun on a sunny winters day. 

Water was still hovering around at 19 degrees, viz was a slack 3-5m. This was mostly due to all the divers from other stores conducting courses. 

But, we the Perth Scuba crew still got to observe heaps of cool marine life. Nudi Branchs, Lion Fish, schools of bait fish, Gobby’s, Seahorses, crabs and more… great spot, terrific dive.

Thanks to Alex, Wen, Xing, Kelvin, Nicola, Mark, Tony, Jackson, Emin, Sam, Steve B, Stephen B, and Mark S for making it a great morning.

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