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Sunday Morning Dive at North Mole

written by Lindsay Phillips – PADI Dive MasterManta Club Sunday Morning Dive Crew

Easter Sunday – what a great day for Manta Club  dive at North mole. We all met at Perth Scuba for a feed of Hot Cross Buns, Easter eggs and thank you to Mia for her famous cupcakes.
We all headed down to North Mole with full stomachs, on arrival the dive conditions were great, with very little wind and flat seas. The dive brief finished and 16 divers were in the water to look for the wreck, a few divers found the wreck and the rest had a great time looking for it. There was plenty of sea life to be seen, crays, Port Jackson shark and lots of schools of fish, a great dive was had by all.
I would like also to welcome the new Manta clubs members , we had two from Ireland and two from Arizona USA, we hope to see you again on the Wednesday night club dive or the Sunday club dive. Thanks also to Cliff for your help!

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