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Sunday morning dive at South Mole

with Lee & Joey

Simon tries his new Scubapro gear on Perth Scuba's dive at South Mole Lee and I had decided that we’d spent way too much time in the shop and not in the water so we volunteered to lead the club dive on Sunday. We got up in the morning and checked Seabreeze for what they “estimated” the weather was going to be this morning. It was forecast as 1.5m swell and SE winds at about 10-15 knots… Not too bad but the swell coming in that direction limited the selection of dive sites. We’ve been to the BHP Jetty and Ammo Jetty of late, so it was time for something different. I checked my dive site list and we decided that South Mole would have the best conditions of the day and we hadn’t been there in AGES!

First things first we arrived at Perth Scuba early to pack up ourLee & Simon on our Perth Scuba dive at South Moledive gear and drag out the BBQ for breakfast. When we arrived just after 8am there was already a crowd gathered at the door waiting patiently. Lee cranked up the BBQ and then immediately disappeared – I took this as a hint that he wanted me to cook the sausages! Lucky for everyone else I did cook the sausages otherwise Lee would have made them with EXTRA charcoal ;)

We all had our cooked brekkie and then the crew headed down the dive site. Lucky not everyone ate because I only had 24 sausages and there was over 30 divers there to enjoy a dive with us! Lee and I were a bit late as we organised some gar for Simon back at the shop and then we headed down to South Mole. When we arrived the crew were already in the water and had made it to the end of the mole. I must say, I picked the best dive site of the day, the water was super flat and warm and it was so easy to get in at the beach.

Lee takes the bait left by a fisherman at South MoleLee, Simon, Sandy and I all put our gear together, threw on the wetsuits (3mm for Lee & I) and headed down to the water. I had my camera in hand as usual with the wide angle on as I was hoping to get some pics of my buddy and the rest of the crew. We surface swam about 100metres out from the beach along the rock wall and then dropped down. South Mole is a very shallow site (3-8metres) and an easy dive to get a good long time under water. The viz today wasn’t brilliant, we could see roughly 5-10 metres at any given time, but there was a lot of sand in the water. 

Typically, almost everything we saw was tiny, so my wide angle lens wasn’t the best choice for this dive. However, I did get lots of shots of my buddy running amuck! I saw squid, a tiny cuttlefish, lots of different types of nudibranchs, those big shells that you can’t touch or they’ll shoot venom into you (can anyone help me with a name?) an eagle ray shooting off into the distance – wasn’t quick enough, plus lots of schools of little fish. All up we were diving for nearly 100 minutes, so the legs got quite a workout. 

When we decided to go back, it was my turn to bring in the flag and we sat in the shallows enjoying the warm water until the rest of our group returned. Afterwards we found out that some of the crew had been buzzed by a seal AND they got photos to prove it – VERY COOL! It was a lovely day out in the water and I’m hoping that next Sunday’s dive is just as good, if not better. Not sure where we’ll head, but I’m thinking North of the river is the go :) 

If you’d like to join the Perth Scuba crew on one of our free club dives, just meet at the shop on Sunday morning at 8:30am and we’ll feed you brekkie and then we’ll head off to the best dive site of the day. 

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