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Sunday scuba diving the Busselton Jetty

written by Lindsay Phillips – Dive Master ExtraordinaireCatshark on the Busselton Jetty by Lindsay Phillips

On Sunday, 30 Perth Scuba divers headed down to dive the Busselton Jetty. There were 20 divers on the first boat dive, and 10 on the next boat dive. The visibility  was about 10 meters with plenty of critters to been seen around the pylons with abundance of more around the old pylons littering the bottom. It is amazing what you can see when you take your time and look, there is no hurrying in diving so relax and study the underwater environment your diving in and you will surprise yourself on what you find. On both dives there was a school of hundreds of tailor circling around the pylons, what an awesome sight. There was another awesome sight, Lee zooming around on the new Seadoo  underwater  scooter , with the new Gopro video camera mounted on the front. Lee was everywhere on the scooter when you looked up he was zooming passed, he zoomed around for over 1 hour on the scooter with a big smile on his face, what a great run time for a small unit, we are  look forward to see the video from the GoPro.

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