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Sunny shore diving at Robb Jetty

Perth Scuba diving Robb Jetty Western AustraliaWritten by Joey Pool

Last Sunday 29th July, the Perth Scuba Crew headed off for our Club Dive to Robb Jetty in Henderson. Robb Jetty was originally constructed in the late 1800’s and was used as the point where livestock was brought down from the North-West of Western Australia, to be loaded off the ships and slaughtered for the Perth areas meat supply. The original jetty pillars remain at the sight and that’s where you’ll find all the cool stuff!

There is lots of life on the pillars with ascidians, sponges and sea cucumbers being prominent. Fish life includes juvenile Port Jackson sharks (so cute!), numerous schooling fish including yellowtail and wrasse, bat fish, seahorses, rays and occasionally schools of batfish. On the seabed there are several different species of nudibranch and seastars.

The sun was shining, the water was calm and the visibility looked good. The day was so gorgeous you got a hint of the beautiful spring and summer months that we’ll soon be approaching – yippee!!!

It is possible to miss the jetty entirely, so it’s very important to take a compass bearing from the beach… Luckily for all our crew they found the jetty and had a lovely dive.

Great to see the crew with big grins when they came out of the water. The guys and girls saw loads of schooling fish, plenty of fat nudibranchs and the water visibility was good even though a little chilly.

If you’d like to join the Perth Scuba Crew on our next free Sunday Morning Shore Dive, head on in to Perth Scuba at 8:30am for a FREE BBQ brekky and then we’ll cruise out to the dive site. All levels of divers are welcome and we have a qualified Dive Master on hand to guide your dive.

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