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Sunny sky and fluffy clouds at North Mole Fremantle

Sunny sky and fluffy clouds at North Mole Fremantle

Sunday 16 February 2020

Waking up to a sunny sky and fluffy clouds in place of the forecasted clouds and showers got me jumping out of bed and onto the Trigg surfcam to confirm the sea conditions. Willy Weather wind and swell forecast were favouring a north facing site so North Mole it was.

After feeding the hungry 22 diver that had come along we were heading to the site aiming for a 10am entry. Conditions to the south of the Mole were choppy but to the north were mill pond like with only the slightest swell. Having secured the rope I had brought along, we all carefully clambered down the wall and entered together. We found the markers to the wreck pretty easily, and made short time in getting there and exporing both inside and out. There were big shoals of sweeper and lots of Talma around the wreck this morning and visibility was reasonable at around 8 – 10m with everyone easily keeping together.

We then headed east over to the wall and explored the bolders finding numerous crays. A school of Zebrafish were proving hard to photograph and I eventually managed to ambush them from behind some kelp. A big shoal of yellowtail Scad swam over head, and young Sea Sweep darted amongst the shallows. Being too preoccupied, we missed the exit marker and surfaced with a short surface swim back to the exit.

Whilst there were quite a few jellyfish around I had only one report of a rouge strand getting someone across the forehead, as we all kept a vigilant eye out and warned each other  with the warning closed fist and pointing at the hazard. With water temperatures holding 24oC everyone was nice and warm.

Another great dive in Perth and everyone driving home with big smiles on their faces.

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor / Digital Underwater Photography Instructor 

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