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Super Trawler rises again

It’s in the headlines today that the Super Trawler could be allowed back to fish Australia’s waters just after the election, depending on what happens. it could be back

With the Liberal Party voting last year to allow the Super Trawler to fish here, and Labor issuing a temporary two-year ban that has half expired, conservation groups and fishers have joined forces to go public.

The leaders of Stop the Super Trawler are calling on all marine supporters to help pressure parties to support a permanent ban on these massively unsustainable fishing vessels by sending a message to local MPs.

A special web site has been set up to make it easy. Just weeks before the Federal election when MPs want to hang onto their jobs and are listening more than ever, spare a minute to be part of the movement to ban this monster from our waters for all time. Take action here.

As today’s news stories have reminded us, the arrival in our waters last year of the world’s second largest fishing trawler, the 142 metre long FV Margiris, ignited an online and on-ground revolution. The threat of 600 metre long nets, dead dolphins, and the removal of whole local fish populations, resulted in people power on land and in the water forcing a spectacular back down and a two year ban.

But what happens after the election is now up to us, and the need to outlaw Super Trawlers couldn’t be more urgent. Any day now the current two year ban could be struck down by the Federal Court as a result of a legal challenge launched by Seafish Tasmania. The judge’s decision is pending.

Super Trawlers fly in the face of the kind of protection and sustainable fishing we want in Australia. Please join us in asking your local MP to ban Super Trawlers for good.

Thanks for helping to finish this once and for all,

David Mackenzie
Save Our Marine Life

PS – Please share this action on Facebook. Most people oppose the Super Trawler and what it stands for, so let’s give them the chance to be part of the action.

PPS – Check out today’s ABC news story here.

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