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Swan Canoe Club night dive

Swan Canoe Club Night Dive

28 November 2018

Manta Club group photo

One diver shunned an oil change on his Ducati, one pushed aside his kite surfer, another promised his family a yuletide seafood feast, and the fourth turned up at 5 past seven and took forever to get into his gear while we all stood around waiting!

The Perth Scuba dive club boys were back in town….(cue the music..)

We tried a new entry from the beach at the south side of the Swan Canoe Club and with catch bags, prawn nets, camera and gushing enthusiasm, had a night’s entertainment better than money can buy on Patpong Road. The wreck held a fantastic surprise of fish species I wasn’t expecting for the river; two massive Red Scorpionfish, a pair of female Shaws Boxfish squaring each other up for a territory bitch fight, Magpie Moorwong, adult Six spine, Fan Bellied and Mosaic Leatherjacket..20oC water, spectacular 4m viz…yes 4m!! OMG am I really in the river?!

As the hoons headed riverwide, disappearing into a cloud of determination, seeking their bounty, I reflected on the continuing surprises this river keeps delivering…you should’ve been there.

Martin Crossley – PADI Instructor

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