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Swimming with dolphins and cuttlefish

Swimming among dolphins & cuttlefish

Sunday 26 August 2018

This Sunday morning was perfect for diving again, the wind was absent and was from the easterly direction; the water surface was free of ripples, and it was quite sunny. After attending the pre-Club-Dive barbecue, fourteen of the divers headed towards Kwinana Grain Terminal. The visibility was 5-6 meters maximum, and slightly better in deeper sections of this spacious dive site.

Manta Club divers at Kwinana Grain Terminal

The octopus were mostly hiding (sure some of us saw it), but a few cuttlefish were seen, and other frequently seen residents of KGT (like Dolphins) were seen cruising around, especially towards the end of the dive. It seemed that the dolphin activity got quite intense, leading to even (rare) underwater encounters. Many of our divers saw plenty of dolphins on the surface at many locations, however today, some of our crew actualy swam next to dolphins underwater! I am yet to experience this treat myself.

Among the notable fish species, for the most part, only some large greenish Leatherjackets cruised between the pylons, whilst skillfully avoiding all the anodes. Some of the world's largest starfish were seen by (almost) all of us, and we were often surrounded by the huge schools of small fry of whatever species that was. All divers enjoyed exploring the Terminal, and the overall dive experience was fun. Several new Manta Club members enjoyed building up their underwater competence and also the buoyancy skills.

Thanks everyone for coming to this Manta Club dive! See you on next dives soon.

Written by PADI Instructor Mikhail Vasiliev

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