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The Big Shark Shout Out

During the Big Shark Shout Out Perth Scuba and divers around the world rally to protect sharks before it’s too late. Together, we have a powerful, collective voice that can change policies affecting the main threats to sharks – overfishing, bycatch and finning.
Why are we worried about sharks? Nearly one out of five shark species […]

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Lee returns from Parliament House

Written by Lee Johnson
15 October 2011
After a grueling week at Parliament house in Canberra, Lee has returned with a very positive outlook on the newly proposed Marine Parks and Sanctuaries for the WA South West. There were meetings at the top level – (Well almost – Julia was busy pushing through her new Carbon Tax). […]

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Save our Marine Life – Increase our Sanctuaries!

You can make a difference…
Blue Army Update
We are now into our campaign to show the government reason to increase the amount of ocean areas earmarked for marine reserve “sanctuaries” in WA and Australia.
With the Big Blue Army now heading towards 40,000 supporters, the message is strong to the Government that the people care and are […]

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Divers secure win for sharks!

Project Aware Update
Dear Manta Club Members,
Congratulations! As we approached the end of 2010, AWARE Divers succeeded in securing a win for sharks.  423 Members of European Parliament (MEP’s) have listened to our collective scuba diving voice and signed on the Written Declaration for strengthening […]

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