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david mackenzie

You’ve created a seismic shift!

Last year you helped make great strides forward for ocean protection, but I wanted to let you know that just weeks into 2013 you’ve helped do it again (twice)!
In November I emailed you about an oil company wanting to explore for oil using underwater sonic blasts just off the wildlife refuge of Kangaroo Island. These […]

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Securing our new sanctuaries – important update

Australia has now boldly declared it will create the largest network of marine sanctuaries in the world, and for that we must extend a huge thanks to you and the whole Big Blue Army.
The Government has told us that this could not have happened without the pressure and profile generated through your support […]

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Join the Big Blue Army

Just 2 weeks until WE have our say in the forming of Marine Sanctuaries in our South West. We’ll keep you posted on the progress both in our Newsletters and on our website.
Here’s what David Mackenzie – Save our marine Life Says…
A Big Blue Army is coming
When draft marine sanctuary maps hit the ground in 3 […]

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