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Diving the wrecks of Truk Lagoon

Written by Marc van der Poel
I have recently been asked ‘Where is the best diving in the world?’I find this a hard question because there is so much I haven’t dived (yet), but more importantly how can you compare apples with pears. I think I have my favorite dives, experiences that leave an impression forever. […]

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Salik tests out his new Scubapro Sea Wing Nova fins

Lee and Joey had such an awesome time diving the reefs of Kosrae with two fantastic dive guides, Salik (above) and Doug from Nautilus Resort. Whilst we were there Lee gave Salik a try of his Sea Wing Nova’s for one of our dives. After seeing the big smile on Salik’s face when we returned […]

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Dive travel to Kosrae Micronesia

written by Lee Johnson – Perth Scuba Manager
This month Perth Scuba is happy to announce one of our upcoming trips to Kosrae.
Kosrae, situated between Pohnpei and Honolulu in the Micronesian Islands is home to the best reef diving we have ever seen. In this modern day, to be able to visit a place where fewer […]

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