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Wakatobi’s Colourful Sea Squirts

Wakatobi’s Colourful Sea Squirts
Originally published April 4, 2018 in MARINE LIFE

A closer look at tunicates, one of the most overlooked reef dwellers
Duck below the surface on any coral reef around Wakatobi and you will immediately be immersed in a sea of color and life. Brightly decorated fish sporting intricate and intriguing patterns flash by, while […]

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Perth Scuba returns from diving Wakatobi Resort

written by Joey Pool – Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor
Never have we received such outstanding service!!! Let me start by saying that the service the Perth Scuba Crew received whilst staying on board the Pelagian luxury yacht and Wakatobi Resort was outstanding. The food was restaurant quality including sumptuous desserts and entrees. The accommodation was very […]

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