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Diving with the Suunto Eon Core wrist computer at night

Diving with the Suunto Eon Core wrist computer
It was once again Wednesday night and time for our club dive. This week Leonard from Suunto joined us so we could try out the new Eon Core Dive computer down at Ammo jetty. 

With 8 of us in total we had enough computers to go around and made our way […]

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Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?

Narcosis, Sharks, 42 metre deep wrecks and a Birthday party… how was your long weekend?
Last weekend was the first of our trips to Lancelin to dive the Key Biscayne for the year and thankfully the weather gods were again on our side! 
Over 100 divers headed out to dive this iconic and awesome dive wreck over […]

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North Coogee wall club dive

This Wednesday night we decided to go to North Coogee wall for our club dive. With a turn out of six we had just the right amount for the site, and conditions looked great. We got kitted up then made our way down the beach to find crystal clear water and little swell. 

As soon as we got […]

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Leighton takes the Manta Club to Kwinana Grain Terminal

Kwinana Grain Terminal
Date: 27/11/16
Time in: 10:10am
Air Temp: 31°
Water Temp: 20°

We had a great start to the day with an awesome BBQ at the Perth Scuba store. Once the food had vanished we made our way down to the Kwinana Grain Terminal. Visibility was about 10m around and under the jetty thanks to the perfect blue sky above. There were a few sea creatures out […]

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Beautiful conditions continue in the river

Last nights (13/7/16) manta club night dive just for a change was in the river! Due to the relentless swell we keep getting in the ocean and poor visibility for shore dives. We already know the river has been having some awesome dive conditions lately so fingers crossed it would be the same. The location […]

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The Coombe Wreck Trail

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
These are elite divers, so we can’t show you their faces….

Tonight’s conditions (Wednesday 14 May 2014) with no wind, glassy water and a full moon provided some added excitement to tonight’s dive. It had been 3 months since our last night dive at the Coombe – […]

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Exploring the deep dives of Blade Coral Bunbury

written by Brett Cook – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
The first light of Sunday morning saw 10 excited divers, strap themselves in for a quick 2hr journey down to Bunbury, in WA’s Southwest.
Conditions were great, clear blue skies and very little wind to whip up the waves. Arrival at the Bunbury Marina ready to board […]

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Bragging rights at the Manta Club night dive

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
I don’t want to brag or anything but our night dive at the North Wall of the Port Coogee marina on Wednesday 12 February 2014 was AMAZING!          
Not only did I get to watch a pod of dolphins playing in the bay […]

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Perth Diving II by Matt Bielecki

Round II of Perth diving mash up, featuring an octopus.
Filmed & edited by Matt Bielecki – Perth Scuba Manta Club Member

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Converging on Kwinana Grain Terminal

written by Sarah Toohey – Perth Scuba PADI Dive Master
Apparently people are too scared to enter Perth waters…. I have 40 divers converging on the Kwinana Grain Terminal for our Manta Club dive who can prove that argument very wrong!
Brekkie guzzled and the new Perth Scuba App downloaded, we fought horse floats for parking space […]

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Rare velvet fish found at Ammo Jetty shore dive

written Ian Griffiths – Perth Scuba PADI Instructor
The Sunday club dive was arranged for Woodman Point at 08.30 this morning but after reviewing the difficult rock entry or the beach entry next to 30 fishermen, I decided with the club divers to relocate a couple of KM’s down the road to Ammo Jetty. It turned […]

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What’s the Point

written by Ryan Bradley – Perth Scuba Instructor
Sunday 24th November 2013 Seabreeze promised a light south-westerly and swell under 1m for yesterday’s club dive. Conditions that suit Point Peron, with the outer reefs protecting the coastline and providing perfect conditions for the (generally) shallow site.
Sadly, the conditions were just on the other side of good when we […]

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