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Working as a PADI Divemaster: 10 Attributes You Need to Have

Working as a PADI Divemaster: 10 Attributes You Need to Have

Working as a PADI® Divemaster is more than just knowledge, training, skills, and practice; it’s about having the right attributes to give every diver the best underwater experience, every time.

To excel in a PADI Divemaster role, you’ll need to be:

Fun. Aside from safety, being fun […]

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Point Peron Sunday club dive

Point Peron Sunday Club Dive

Sunday 12 May 2019

Manta Club divers at Point Peron Rockingham

Wowee! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning with low winds forecasted we headed off to Point Peron after the morning BBQ. Splitting off into 2 groups with Gordon leading the newer Open Water Divers we saw a Port Jackson […]

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Manta Club at Omeo Wreck

Manta Club dive at Omeo Wreck, Coogee – snapper schools near the artificial reefs 

Sunday 14 April 2019

Manta Club Divers at Omeo Wreck, Coogee

The swell was stronger than predicted near North Coogee Wall today, so we selected Omeo Wreck as the preferred site, after first looking at Sue’s Groyne.  The conditions in the water near the […]

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Port Coogee Wreck

written by Lindsay Phillips – Perth Scuba Divemaster Extraordinaire
Perth Scuba headed down to the Coogee/Wreck for the weekly night dive, the water was quite calm and vis around 3 meters. Most of us had a hour dive.and saw plenty of critters.There were plenty of lion fish heaps of octopus, crays, sea horses, cuttle fish and […]

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Perth Scuba finds a new dive site in Jervoise Bay

written by Lindsay Phillips – Perth Scuba Divemaster
26 Divers headed down to a new dive site at Jervoise Bay, the vis was around 2mtrs, but all along the coast it was the same. There were small crays seen a giant cuttlefish plenty of other critters.
This site should be good for a night dive, also we […]

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